Friday, April 22, 2022


Trapped Nationalist Fighters inside huge Steel Plant Complex in the Port City of Mariupol are using Civilians as Human Shields. They have refused , a second time , to lay down their weapons in exchange for humane treatment in the hands of Russian Soldiers. Eminent attack to disloge them from their hideout was just called off by President Vladimir Putin. This is to give the Azov Nationalists a third chance to come out in peace. So far there are no signals that they may accept Russian offer to them. That they lay down their weapons and move out of the Steel Plant with White Flags to signify peaceful surrender. In order to benefit from very kind understanding and treatment. Volodymry Zelensky is encouraging them to resist accepting peaceful exit. He continues to make silly and contradictory statements about the situation in Mariupol. Zelensky has played down eminent Russian Victory in Mariupol. And has suggested that he is ready to fight for 10 years to save Ukraine from the Special Russian Military Operation in Ukraine. America and its NATO allies are responding to calls by President Volodymry Zelensky for more and more Weapons and Money to "defeat the Russian Military Operation". More than Five Billion US Dollars worth of lethal Weapons and Money have already been sent to aid Zelensky's determined efforts to continue fighting against Russia. His Western supporters are escalating the Russia- Ukraine Conflict for obvious selfish reasons. They use shipments of War machines and equipments to war zones for pecuniary gains. And Zelensky is a willing Western Puppet making it very easy for the Decadent Western Warmongers , War Criminals and War Profiteers to profit astronomically from destruction of lives and property in Ukraine. Negotiations are necessary for peaceful settlement of Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Unfortunately Zelensky is not faithful to peace talks. He keeps on changing positions during Negotiations. Sergey Lavrov , Foreign Minister of Russia , thinks Ukraine President Volodymry Zelensky shifts positions "according to what he drinks and smokes". NATO Eastern Expansion which aims at gaining access to Ukraine and using Ukraine as NATO MILITARY LAUNCHING PAD for destabilising Russian Federation is the main cause of the Conflict. Russia will never allow NATO Forces near its borders via Ukraine. And strange determination of Zelensky to make Ukraine part of NATO and EU spoils everything for peaceful co-existence of Ukraine and Russia.  For peaceful negotiated settlement of the Conflict Russia demands that Ukraine accepts not to be part of NATO , Western Military Alliance. That Crimea , which voted massively (over 80 % of valid votes ) in a referendum to join Russian Federation , is recognised by Ukraine as part of Russian Federation. And that Donbass Region of Eastern Ukraine , where majority are Ethnic Russians and Russian Speaking , be recognised as independent for the Russian Speaking Majority in the Region. Independence for Donetsk and Lughansk in Donbass Region has been resisted in a brutal war by Ukraine since 2014. Enemy Combatants are Ukrainian Nationalists Fighters in the bunkers within the Azov Steel Complex. They are terrorists according to Kremlin. They hold Civilians including Children and Women against their will. And use them as shields against Russia Military Attack. How long they could keep hidden from Russian Forces is anybody 's guess. Food and drinking water may soon be very scarce where they are sheltered. The number of fighters is reported to be over a thousand by Ukrainian President. Number of Civilians in there is not readily known. They must be in hundreds. America , UK and European Union who are Masters of Zelensky seem to care very little about trapped Ukraine Nationalist Military Forces. Recently a commander in the Complex was shown in a video pleading for help from Western supporters of Zelensky. To enable them gain safe passage from Mariupol. The man in the video indicated they are in great turmoil. And anything unfortunate could happen to them and the Civilians very soon without much needed assistance. Zelensky has only said there would be No Negotiations with Russia if all the Nationalists in the hideout are killed. Clearly he does not care much about their safety and welfare. He is determined to stay in power sacrificing the lives of good peoples of Ukraine. And banking on support of his American , UK and European Union Masters. As long as he gives them the opportunity to exploit the Conflict to their advantage. That is making huge blood money from misery , suffering and deaths of thousands of Children , Women and Men in Ukraine. Russian gas and Oil supply to EU is very crucial to their health , wellbeing and prosperity. Forty percent of EU gas and Oil come from Russian Federation. America is not dependent on Russian Gas and Oil. Washington has nothing to sufer with respect to Russian gas and oil. American interest in Ukraine-Russia Conflict is just to separate EU from Russian Federation influence. And gain control of EU. America wants to use complaint EU to bolster its dwindling influence in the World. Russia and China together have greater World influence than America. Western Sanctions against Russia are not effective and unable to cripple Russia. Russia and its allies , including China and India , constitute about 90 % of population of the World. America and its NATO allies are just incapable of stopping the magnificent strength , political and economic influence of Russia and its allies across the World. America is in turmoil. And really isolated. It needs EU and UK to feel secured in the face of increasing power of China , Russia and their allies. The War in Ukraine is really one between America and Russia , Western Military Industrial Complex and that of Russian Federation. Ukrainians are being sacrificed for American and NATO hegemony. Volodymry Zelensky is willing servant in NATO Eastern Expansion Agenda. Which badly needs access to Ukraine. For future War against survival of Russian Federation. Pope Francis in his Easter Message to the World said "Ukraine has been pushed into Cruel and Senseless War". The question is Who is responsible for the Special Russian Military Operation in Ukraine ? Answer simply is America and NATO allies. Russia is justified. Russia must protect itself from NATO presence in Ukraine. And prevent Ukraine from being used as a future NATO MILITARY LAUNCHING PAD against Russian Federation. All wars are Cruel. War instigated by America and NATO friends is a Racket. That is Secret Agenda to make profit from deaths , suffering and destruction of lives and property. Zelensky must surrender to Russia for peaceful co-existence between Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainians bnd Russians have more in common than what separate them. Now is the time. Peoples of Ukraine have to rise up. And revolt against America , UK and European Union and NATO. They are real enemies of Ukraine and Ukrainians. President Volodymry Zelensky must be swept away in the needed uprising. Zelensky is main impediment to negotiated peaceful settlement of the Conflict. He is being used by enemies of Ukraine. To destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


End of Zelensky Regime's arrogance is just around the corner. This is due to eminent fall of City of Mariupol. Once any Ukrainian Town is controlled by Russia , the Military Operation by Russia in Ukraine will have great boost and create damaging blow to Zelensky and his American , UK and European Union supporters. Today April 13 , 2022 over a thousand Ukrainian Marines have surrendered to Russian Armed Forces in Mariupol. And takeover of the strategy port city of Mariupol is few hours away. The stubborn stance of Zelensky to continue military action against Russian Military Operation in Ukraine , with American and NATO military equipments , is responsible for increasing suffering of Ukrainians and destruction of large areas of Mariupol and elsewhere in Ukraine. Freedom and Justice describe Russian Operation in Ukraine. Russia wants to be free of threat from NATO presence in Ukraine. The Russian Military Operation in Ukraine is justified. It is necessary for Russia to have a friendly Ukraine as neighbour. Not one in the pockets of America , UK and EU. One which is bent on being a slave to NATO. And may allow NATO  , enemy of Russian Federation , into Ukraine. To use Ukraine as Military launching pad against Russia. Russia is determined to control Eastern Donbass Region of Ukraine. And continue to keep breakaway Crimea inside Russian Federation. And avoid any American  , UK and European Union or NATO threats to survival of Russian Federation. It is just and proper for Russia to live in peace with  friendly neighbours and not enemies. Or puppets of enemies of Russia. Zelensky must surrender to Russia. And avoid eventual humiliating defeat by Putin 's Russia.  Ukrainian president Volodymry Zelensky is under a  mirage and suicidal. He wants to die. And feels he must die with all Ukrainians. He must by now understand that America  , UK and European Union supporters are just using him to escalate the War.  In order to benefit financially from shipments of War machines and equipments from  America and its NATO friendly Countries to Ukraine. Negotiations are necessary for peaceful settlement of Russian - Ukrainian Conflict. Unfortunately Zelensky is not faithful to peace talks. He keeps changing Ukraine's position. And continues to make irrational  calls for more military equipments from America and its NATO allies.  He continues pleading  for creation of No Fly Zone over Ukraine by NATO. America and NATO allies have flatly rejected Zelensky's call for NATO No Fly Zone over his Country. For simple reason that such involvement by  America and its European allies in NATO may precipitate World War  III. And definitely not in the interest of World Peace. Clearly Volodymry Zelensky is under a mirage. He is suicidal and apocalyptic. He foolishly thinks he is so very special to America  and his Western supporters. What he fails to accept is that he is being used as Western Puppet. Western Supporters of Zelensky are not to be trusted. Their main interest is one. That is access to Ukraine. For use to destabilise Russian Federation. And no more. Russia is determined never to have Western Military Forces near its borders. And will do all to achieve this noble objective. Even if it means occupying or controlling all parts of Ukraine strategic to Russia, Multi - Sanctions against Russia under Vladimir Putin by America  UK and EU since February 24 Russian Military Operation in Ukraine have clearly failed to deter Putin from defending Majority ethnic Russians in Donbass Region of Eastern Ukraine. It must be understood that Russia - Ukraine Conflict started long before February 24 2022. America and European Union instigated uprising in Ukraine in 2014 for removal of Pro-Russian government of Ukraine.  Russia responded by annexing Crimea after Crimean referendum where over 90 % voted to join Russian Federation. For eight years the Russian speaking Donbass Region have fought for independence from Ukraine. With support from Russian Forces.

Saturday, March 26, 2022


America , European Union and United Kingdom have misled Ukraine and deceived Zelensky and Ukrainians into believing that they would protect Ukraine from external aggression by Ukraine allying with America and its NATO friends or Western European supporters. Unfolding events since February 24 Russian Military Operations in Ukraine have clearly shown the futility of identifying with America and its European allies for security reasons. They are dishonest , selfish and very unreliable. Everywhere America and Allies waged or precipitated war or conflicts is for selfish motives. War is secret agenda by them for Mercinary reasons. The industrial military complex makes huge gains producing and selling war machines and equipments. Many warmongers in Amercia and Western Europe are connected directly or otherwise with the war machines' industry in their Countries or Region. And benefit immensely during wars and conflicts instigated by these individuals and officials at high places in Government , business and within the general political space. In 2014 America and EU instigated uprising in Ukraine , to bring down and did overthrow the pro-Russian Ukraine regime at that time. And creation of Western friendly government in Ukraine. The aim of the instigators was to have access to Ukraine and eventually use Ukraine as NATO LAUNCHING pad for destabilising Russia , perceived foe of America and NATO allies. Russia responded to removal of their ally in Ukraine by seizing Crimea , part of Ukraine whose population is mostly ethnic Russian. And has Russian Military Base. And then started independence war in Donbass Region of Eastern Ukraine. Where majority are ethnic Russians who suffer discrimination in Ukraine. The 24th February Russian Military Operation in Ukraine was primarily to liberate ethnic Russians in Donbass Region. And also to prevent Ukraine from being used in future , by America and it's NATO allies to threaten the security and stability of Russia. Russia and Ukraine are neighbours with shared common history and culture. Ukraine was part of Soviet Socialist Union Of Russia. The two share hundreds of kilometres of border to the East of Ukraine. Ukraine has also a long border west to Ukraine with other former members of Soviet Socialist Union Of Russia , some of which are now part of European Union and NATO. President Zelensky's determined efforts to make Ukraine part of EU and NATO does not sit well with Russian Federation. It is a great threat to peace , harmony and stability of Russian Federation and very unacceptable to Russia. Negotiations to end hostilities between Ukraine and Russia have come with demands from Russian President Putin to President Zelensky of Ukraine. These conditions include a ) Ukraine never to join NATO b) Recogniton of Crimea as part of Russian Federation and c ) Acceptance of independence of Donbass Region for ethnic Russian minorities of Ukraine. Zelensky has recently said " it's not possible for Ukraine to enter the open door of NATO very soon ". But this falls short of fully satisfying the Russian demand that Ukraine decides never to be part of NATO military alliance. It must be understood that Russia is determined never to have Western Military Forces near its borders for obvious security considerations. It is necessary to remember that for more than 50 years , since the overthrow of pro-American Batista regime in Cuba under Revolutionary leadership of Fidel Castro , Cuba is still under Severe and illegal American Economic Sanctions. For simple reason that Cuba received massive aid for reconstruction and development from Soviet Socialist Union of Russia. Pro-Russian Cuba is an Island separated from Miami in USA by a stretch of about 100 km of water. America is very unconfortable with Cuba's friendly relationship with Russia. And is still bent on doing all to cripple Cuba , after many failed American instigated uprisings and Coup plots in Cuba , against Socialist Cuban Regime of Comrade Castro. And several unsuccessful assissination attempts by American CIA on life of Commandante Fidel Castro , Revolutionary Socialist Cuban leader. In the face of ongoing devastating conflict and the Rational behind Russian demand of no NATO membership for Ukraine , it makes sense for President Volodymry Zelensky of Ukraine to accept refusal to join NATO , Western Military Alliance , in future. To assure peaceful co-existence between Ukraine and Russian Federation. Incessant calls by Zelensky for creation of No Fly Zone over Ukraine and continous negative response to his call from his American , UK and European Union supporters , should discourage and teach Zelensky that he cannot be guaranteed all needed help to defend Ukraine against Russian Military forces inside Ukraine. Russia is by far superior militarily to Ukraine and the more the War inside Ukraine continues the more devastating it will be for Zelensky and Ukrainians in general. Already over 3 million Ukraine residents and Citizens have fled to the Western Ukraine borders into near by Countries such as Poland , Slovakia , Hungary , Bulgaria and Romania. Thousands of civilians and soldiers have died since the War. Many more have been wounded and millions internally displaced inside Ukraine. Human suffering due to deaths , fear , hunger and insecurity is Undefined. There must be a negotiated settlement of this conflict and immediate end to violence , killings and destruction of lives and property. President Volodymry Zelensky is called upon to surrender , to end the War as suggested by Israeli leader who recently visited him and President Vladimir Putin for talks to stop the blood shared and devastating effects of this conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Who are brothers and sisters with shared common history and culture. The Ukrainian president should be wiser by now and know that America and its NATO allies are just deceptive , selfish and use wars and conflicts to make great personal pecuniary gains for some family and friends , political and business associates and other officials linked to power. Zelensky must ponder on defeat of America and NATO in Afghanistan recently , their failures in Iraq , Syria and Libya. He must not forget to note the total humiliating defeat of fake saviours , America and NATO allies , in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. Zelensky must consider the misery , suffering of millions who have been destroyed by America and NATO in Afghanistan , Iraq , Syria , Libya , Vietnam and elsewhere around the world , including Ukraine. Ukrainians are in turmoil today because of America , European Union and NATO's instigated uprising in Ukraine in 2014 which ousted pro-Russian regime in Ukraine. Was Zelensky not offered safe passage out of Ukraine by his Western supporters ? They know that Ukraine is not a match to Russia and that defeat of Ukraine is just a matter of time. Hence their secret offer to Zelensky to end the War by leaving Ukraine with their assistance. He has rejected safe escape from Ukraine. And continues to make irrational and apocalyptic demand for NATO No Fly Zone over Ukraine. Does Zelensky think that because of him there should be World War III ? President Volodymry Zelensky must be under a mirage. He is suicidal and wants all to die with him. Zelensky must capitulate to Russian demands for peace to prevail. There is no way he is going to stop Russia from defeating Ukraine in this conflict despite all the billions of US dollars of military assistance to the Ukraine Armed Forces financed by America , UK and EU. America and its European allies refuse to be directly involved in the war in Ukraine. This is due to fears that their direct involvement , by creating a No Fly Zone over Ukraine , may start another Global War and possible detruction of all life on Earth in a Nuclear War.

Sunday, March 6, 2022


American and European Union 's instigated uprising in Ukraine in 2014 resulted in the overthrow of pro-Russian Ukraine regime and installation of Western friendly government in Ukraine. In response Russia annexed Crimea which has a fleet of Russian Warships and military equipments based there by Russian Federation. And started a war of Liberation for Russian speaking ethnic minority peoples in Eastern Ukraine Donbass Region. Early morning hours of February 24 saw Russian Military Operations in Ukraine. This according to Kremlin was for De-Nazification and Militarization of Ukraine against Russia. In response America , UK and EU continue to slap various Sanctions against Russia under Vladimir Putin. And give humanitarian , financial and military support to Ukraine. Thousands of fleeing Ukraine residents are going through Western Ukraine borders into Poland , Romania , Hungary and other border Countries with Ukraine. Whilst men between ages of 18 and 60 are conscripted into Ukraine Army or Territorial Defence Force to resist Russian Military forces fighting inside Ukraine and attempting to remove the Western friendly government of Zelensky , leader of Ukraine. It must be obvious that America , United Kingdom , European Union and NATO's interest in Ukraine is part of Western Agenda to weaken Russian Federation and eventually destroy it as was done to dismantle Soviet Union of Russia by America and NATO allies. President Putin is determined to prevent weakening of Russia and very much interested making Russia play its role in the World as a great nation , with all the respect and dignity befitting status of Russia in the committee of nations. Cuba is separated from America by about 100 km stretch of water between Cuba and Miami of USA, Since Cuban Revolution , more than 50 years ago , which overthrew pro-American Batista regime and ushered in Socialist Revolutionary Cuba , under able Revolutionary leadership of late Comrade Fidel Castro , American attempts to weaken and destroy Cuba remain. This is due to American fears of pro-Russian Cuban Revolutionary Regime closer to America. Russian Federation cannot sit unconcerned whilst America and NATO allies scheme to use Ukraine , a former member of Soviet Union of Russia , which shares hundreds of kilometres of border with Russian Federation , to destabilise Russian Federation. Hence start of February 24 Russian Military Operations in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are brothers and sisters with shared common interest and history. They're same peoples in the ma Volodymry Zelensky has been deceived , fooled and pushed into preventable and very unnecessary conflict with Russia by America , NATO and EU. Now Zelensky , a Comidien turned Ukrainian president , is asking for No Fly Zone over Ukraine by America and European Union. He has also called for supply of Russian Jet Fighters from America and it's European allies. Because his soldiers are capable of flying the Russian made fighters. Poland has offered to give out all its Russian Fighter jets to America for Ukraine in response to Zelensky's call for such Fighter planes. To resist Russian Military Operations in Ukraine. America has responded to Polish offer as untenable. This is because creation of No Fly Zone over Ukrainian Air Space by America or any of its European allies will draw America and its allies into the Russian and Ukrainian Conflict. Which is very dangerous. And may lead to World War III. Meanwhile Russian Forces are in control of strategic infrastructure and some Cities in Ukraine. A convoy of Russian Military Vehicles stretching over 50 km is moving very close towards Kyiv , the Capital of Ukraine. Ukrainian fighters in Kyiv are preparing for battle with Russian fighters over the Soul and heart of the Capital City. Zelensky is in Kyiv boasting to defend Kyiv as Commander of Armed Forces of Ukraine. President Volodymry Zelensky in a Video Conference with British Parliament continued to beg America , UK and EU for more assistance to weaken Russian Federation's Military Operations , described by Zelensky and his Western allies as Invasion of Ukraine. He begged for further Economic and Political Sanctions against Russia by his Western supporters. America has just banned importation of Russian Oil. Britain announced it is going to wean itself from Russian Gas and Oil by the end of the year. European Union is more dependent on Russian Gas and Oil. About 40 % of EU Energy needs come from Russia. Hence EU is unwilling to suffer Gas and Oil shortages by refusing to buy from Russian Federation. Shell Oil Company , Toyota and others have pulled out from Russia. And Visa , Master Card , PayPal , Coca Cola and McDonald's have suspended their activities in Russia under pressure. President Vladimir Putin is unmoved by all the Sanctions and attempts to cripple Russia for its Military Operations in Ukraine. He is determined to prevent NATO expansion agenda closer to Russian Federation via Ukraine. America and its allies instigate conflicts and wars in order to profit from sales of military and war equipments. Billions of US Dollars go into pockets of officials associated with the Arms Manufacturing Industry in Amercia and Europe. War is a racket. It is a secret agenda to make huge dirty money from destruction of lives and property. War is immoral , evil and unacceptable. Conflicts must be resolved or prevented from deteriorating into wars. Negotiations and Compromises are necessary for settlement of conflicts or prevention of conflicts from generating into use of lethal weapons against parties involved or associated with a conflict situation.

Monday, January 11, 2021


On December 9 , 2020 the Chairperson of Electoral Commission Of Ghana declared and pronounced Akufo Addo as winner of December 7 , 2020 Presidential Election and President Elect. With the following Results. According to Jean Mensa , Chairperson of Electoral Commission Of Ghana , Akufo Addo got 6, 730 , 414 Presidential Votes. And gained 51.595 % of Valid Votes. Whilst John Mahama gathered 6, 214 , 889. And got 47.366 % of Valid Votes. The Percentages Declared On December 9 , 2020 by Jean Mensa , Chairperson of Ghana Electoral Commission , for Presidential Election Results of December 7 , 2020 were predetermined , cooked and forced to fit her expectations. That is she used two different Cooked Valid Votes for calculating the Percentages. In the Case of Akufo Addo Cooked Valid Votes of 13, 044 , 700. 068 was used to produce 51.595 %. From 6 , 730 , 413 Presidential Votes assigned to Akufo Addo. Whilst 13 , 120 , 991. 851 became the Cooked Valid Votes for generating the 47.366 % for John Mahama. From 6 , 214 , 889 Presidential Votes assigned to John Mahama. Note Calculations: Lel V1 be Cooked Valid Votes used for Akufo Addo. (6 , 730 , 413)÷V1×100=51.595. And V1=(6, 730 , 413)×100÷51.595=13 , 044 , 700.068. Let V2 be Cooked Valid Votes used for John Mahama. (6 , 214 , 889)÷V2×100=47.366. And V2=(6 , 214 , 889)×100÷47.366=13 , 120 , 991.851. Once V1 is Not the same as V2 , it is obvious that Two Different Cooked Valid Votes were employed to generate dubious Presidential Election Result Percentages. 51.595 % and 47.366 % Assigned to Akufo Addo and John Mahama respectively. It must be remembered that in any Meaningful Calculation Of Percentages of the kind under consideration , the base value or Valid Votes , in this case , must be the same. A day after declaring Incumbent President Akufo Addo as re-elected President , Electoral Commission Of Ghana shocked , disappointed Ghanaians and Exposed its Gross incompetence by announcing that mistakes had been made in the Presidential Election Results Percentages Declared earlier by Chairperson of Electoral Commission. That Jean Mensa , Chairperson Of Ghana Electoral Commission , inadvertently used 13, 433, 573 as Valid Votes in calculating declared Presidential Election Results Percentages instead of using 13, 119 , 460. Claim that 13, 433 , 573 Valid Votes were used in computing the declared Presidential Results Percentages further exposes Jean Mensa and Electoral Commission as very dishonest and confused. Using 13, 433 , 573 as Valid Votes for calculating Akufo Addo's Percentage , we have (6, 730 , 413)÷(13, 433 , 573)×100=50.101% and not 51.595% declared for Akufo Addo. Similarly using 13, 433 , 573 as Valid Votes for calculating John Mahama's Percentage , we get (6, 214 , 889)÷(13, 433 , 573)×100=46.264% and not 47.366% declared for John Mahama. Clearly said 13, 433 , 573 Valid Votes used in calculating the Declared Presidential Results Percentages is Totally False. Now can we have any confidence in Presidential Results Percentages given out by Jean Mensa and Electoral Commission Of Ghana ? Can we also ever have any respect for their Figures or Numbers associated with calculating the Presidential Results Percentages ? The New 13, 119 , 460 Valid Votes , given out by Jean Mensa , Chairperson of Ghana Electoral Commission , for calculating New Presidential Election Results Percentages must be rejected. Since there is no reason to consider , believe or accept it as Genuine Valid Votes , relevant for calculating required Presidential Election Results Percentages. Major Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have on a number of occasions had time to point out incompetent character of the Jean Mensa led Elections Management Boby or Electoral Commission (EC). She has been described by the NDC as very incompetent , arrogant and empty. And painted variously as one in bed with Akufo Addo and his Family and Friends Government to rig the Elections in favour of Akufo Addo and his NPP. Jean Mensa is fully admired and backed by Akufo Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP). Every action she takes as Chairperson Of the Elections Management Body is praised and worshipped by the Government. To an extent that a good number of Ghanaians are uncomfortable and doubtful of her impartiality in discharge of Commission's Constitutional Mandate. On December 10 , John Mahama and his NDC addressed a Press Conference on Outcome of December 7 , Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. They rejected without any reservation Jean Mensa's declaration of incumbent President Akufo Addo as Re-elected President of Ghana. For the next 4 years , starting from January 7 , 2021. During the Press Conference Former President John Mahama , Major Opposition Presidential Candidate , graphically described how Akufo Addo and the EC were using intimidation and violence to change the will of the people of Ghana with respect to the outcome of recently concluded Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. It is very important to note that Ghana Electoral Commission has so far made about 6 changes to the declared Presidential Election Results its Chairperson made on December 9. And still maintains Akufo Addo as winner of December 7 , 2020 Presidential Election in the official Gazette. Included in the New Changes is a change of 13 , 433 , 573 to 13 , 434 , 574 as Valid Votes used in calculating Presidential Election Results Percentages. Using New Valid Votes of 13, 434 , 574 Akufo Addo now gets 50.098 % (of Valid Votes) from 6, 730 , 413 votes assigned to him. Whilst John Mahama obtains 46.260 % (of Valid Votes) from 6, 214 , 889 votes assigned to him. Calculations : For Akufo Addo , we have (6, 730 413)÷(13, 434 , 574)×100=50.098 % (of Valid Votes). And for John Mahama , we have (6, 214 , 889)÷(13, 434 , 574)×100=46.260 % (of Valid Votes). Clearly a change in Valid Votes effects changes in the Results Percentages. Former President John Mahama , NDC Presidential Candidate , has on December 30 filled Election Petition at Supreme Court of Ghana challenging Electoral Commission's declared Presidential Election Results Percentages as Unconstitutional. He is asking the Apex Court to declare Null and Void Declaration of incumbent President Akufo Addo as winner of December 7 , 2020 Presidential Election. And in addition he is calling for order from Supreme Court to effect Re-run of the Presidential Election for Akufo Addo and John Mahama. First and Second Respondents to the Election Petition are Ghana Electoral Commission and Controversially Re-elected President Akufo Addo. Start of Supreme Court hearing of the Election Petition is January 14 , 2021.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Armed Military men invaded Parliament of Ghana during chaotic election of New Speaker of 8 th Parliament of the 4 th Republic in Ghana. Ruling NPP Government-instigated military invasion of Ghana Parliament was unconstitutional , unacceptable and an illegal attempt to use force or fear tactics to gain advantage in the very loud , noisy and chaotic election of Speaker for the 8 th Parliament of the 4 th Republican dispensation. NDC Members of Parliament Elect stood up to invading Armed Military men with patriotic songs. That they will resist Oppressors Rule. And forced the highly armed Soldiers out of the Chamber of Parliament. Meanwhile NPP Members of Parliament Elect were motionless , unconcerned , sat just looking on and apparently enjoying the spectacle of Armed Military Invasion of the Legislature/Parliament. The election process started midnight on Wednesday , chaired by Clerk of Parliament. This was after dissolution of 7 th Parliament of the 4 th Republic at midnight. And the need to constitute/inaugurate new 8 th Parliament of the 4 th Republic in Ghana. To enable swearing into office , on Thursday , January 7 , incumbent President Akufo Addo , controversially declared President Re-Elect and winner of December 7 , 2020 Presidential Election in Ghana. An Election Petition filed by main Opposition NDC Presidential Candidate , Former President John Dramani Mahama , on December 30 , at Supreme Court of Ghana is seeking the Supreme Court to declare the declaration of incumbent President Akufo Addo as Re-Elected President of Ghana , by Jean Mensa , Chairperson of Ghana Electoral Commission , as Unconstitutional and Null and Void. That no Presidential Candidate got 50 + 1 % of Total Valid Votes , Constitutionally Necessary , to win the December 7 , 2020 Presidential Election. And that there must be a re-run of Ghana Presidential Election. Supreme Court of Ghana shall sit on the Election Petition soon after inauguration of incumbent President Akufo Addo as Re-Elected (Controversially Re-Elected) President of Ghana. Just before start of voting to select a new Speaker of Parliament , a motion was made by Afenyo Markins and supported by Osei Kyei Mensa Bonsu , two of Akufo Addo's Ruling NPP Members of Parliament Elect , asking to know whether the Clerk of Parliament had received a Court injunction preventing one Member of Parliament Elect from major Opposition NDC from being sworn in as member of 8 th Parliament. The motion was an attempt to use the Clerk of Parliament , Chairman of the proceedings , to prevent an NDC member of Parliament Elect from voting in the Election of New Speaker of 8 th Parliament. Numbers of Members of Parliament Elect are 137 for New Patriotic Party (NPP), 137 for the major Opposition Party , National Democratic Congress (NDC) , and 1(one) independent Member of Parliament Elect. After several hours of confused , loud and noisy conduct and debate on attempt by the NPP to deny one NDC member of Parliament Elect his right to vote , it was later established and accepted that the Clerk had no mandate constitutionally to make any ruling on Voting Rights of duely elected member of Parliament. Selection of the Speaker according to the Constitution is by secret ballot. Unfortunately the Election had to be interrupted sometimes violently , several times and re-started beacuse the NDC would not allow NPP Members of Parliament Elect to violate Secret Voting. Eventually at the end of voting Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin , NDC Candidate for Speaker , won by 138 votes. Whilst NPP candidate for Speaker Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye lost with 136 votes. There was one spoilt ballot. Opposition NDC candidate for Speaker of 8 th Parliament , Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin , was declared winner by the Clerk. And sworn into office by the Chief Justice of Ghana. New Speaker of Parliament Honourable Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin is Ghana's Longest-Serving Parliamentarian. With about 28 years of Rich Parliamentary and Governance Experience. He is a Lawyer and has held various high positions in Government. He is said to be fair minded. Inauguration of New Parliament was made and Controversially declared President Re-Elect Nana Akufo Addo , incumbent Ghana President , and his Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia were also sworn into office , few hours later , inside the Parliament Complex by Chief Justice of Ghana. Ghana has been ridiculed , severely wounded and very much disgraced by unruly activities of Members of Parliament Elect inside Parliament before , during and after election of a new Speaker of Parliament in the early hours of January 7 , 2021. At least a Member of Parliament Elect , Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah of NPP , was captured on Video stealing or seizing ballot papers from the Clerk , on realizing that NPP (his Party) had lost the Vote , and was seen chased for the ballot papers by another Member of Parliament Elect , Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak ( of NDC) inside the Parliament Chamber. NPP Lady member of Parliament Elect , Ursula Owusu-Ekuful , was shown on Video fighting with a male NDC colleague , Kwabena Mintah Akandoh , over sitting arrangement in Parliament. And the lady found forcibly sitting on the lap of her male colleague in protest. Others were found pushing , insulting and vigorously heckling themselves. The Chaotic atmosphere in Parliament was very disappointing , dishonorable and insane. And totally unparliamentary , unacceptable and condemnable in strongest terms possible. It was highly immoral , so very dirty and most unhealthy for democractic development of a Nation and her Citizens. And specially ugly and very bad example for the youth of Ghana and everywhere on the planet. Members of Parliament involved in the shameful behavior must apologize to the peoples in the Country and the International Community for their transgressions. They should also submit themselves freely for counselling and Psychological Examination and Help. Each Parliamentarian , on the Day of Great Abomination , Misconduct and Total Disgrace in Ghana Parliament , must visit his or her constituency and explain to them what really went wrong. And learn from the Constituents on the way forward to prevent such Shameful , Irrational and Very Sad Occurrence from happening again in future. December 7 , 2020 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections were marked by much violence , Chaos , snatching of ballot boxes containing Votes and shooting incidents in a number of places across Ghana. These events culminated into Election Insecurity , Confusion and Deaths of at least 7 innocent Civilians and one Police Officer. Many more were injured and hospitalized for fatal gunshot wounds and psychological or emotional trauma. Never in recent history of Ghana has so much violence , fear , mistrust and large scale involvement of Security Forces been applied or used in conduct of Ghana Elections as was witnessed before , during and after the December 7 , 2020 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. Armed Military invasion of Parliament Chamber , Confusion and Utter Chaos before , during and after Election of the Speaker of 8 th Parliament of 4 th Republic could be fairly described as miniature picture of part of what really transpired before , during and after the December 7 , 2020 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in Ghana. Highly Dented , mangled and soiled image of Ghana will take a very long time , special seriousness and hardworking by stakeholders to heal or redeem completely.

Saturday, December 19, 2020


LOCKED ACCOUNT HOLDER: I am still unable to access after receiving and sending VERIFICATION CODE Show quoted text I am Still Unable To login After Receiving And Sending Confirmation Code. Show quoted text I am Still Unable To Access My Account. After Receiving And Sending Confirmation Code . Show quoted text I have suspicion that Twitter is just being very dishonest and irrational with respect to locking my Account. And refusal to unlock it. And giving excuses that DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES LOGING INTO MY ACCOUNT CANNOT BE COMPLETED. Twitter must come out and it be known why my Account has been locked. Twitter just claiming A FLAG ON SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY ON MY ACCOUNT is Unacceptable. What kind of SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IS FLAGGED ? Twitter should take perception on their Lack of Integrity in locking some Accounts Seriously. It is dent , a dirty and shameful blot on the image , reputation and rational sense on Twitter and its management. I am so very disappointed in the funny trickery of Twitter and its top echelon staff. For being so very irrational , dishonest and shameless with respect to continually denying me Access To My Account Without Any Modicum of Good Reason or Sense. Its better for Management of Twitter to come clean or bold to say really is stopping them from unlocking the Account. Till then I am of the opinion that what is happening to me is nothing but CENSORSHIP FROM EXPOSING TRUTH ON TWITTER AND DOING THE WORK OF PAYMASTERS. WHO COULD BE IMPLICATED IN EXPOSED TRUTH ON TWITTER. Username is Tonyhubertcod Hide quoted text On Thursday, 17 December 2020, Anthony Hubert Codjoe wrote: I am Still Unable To Access My Account. After Receiving And Sending Confirmation Code . On Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 2:21 PM Anthony Hubert Codjoe wrote: I am Still Unable To login After Receiving And Sending Confirmation Code. On Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 2:18 PM Anthony Hubert Codjoe wrote: I am still unable to access after receiving and sending VERIFICATION CODE On Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 9:26 AM Twitter Support wrote: TwitterWe’re writing to let you know that your account has been flagged for unusual behavior that violates the Twitter Rules, and has been locked until you take the following steps: Log into your account, or open your Twitter app on iOS or Android. You’ll see a message about your account, and a prompt to click “Start.” Select your country/region, and then enter your phone number. Click “Send code.” You’ll receive a message from Twitter with a confirmation code. Enter the code you receive on the prompt screen. You’ll receive a confirmation. Please note, it may take a few minutes for your account to be completely unlocked. If you’re still experiencing a problem after confirming your identity, respond to this message and provide us with more details about what’s happening. Please note, repeat violations of the Twitter Rules can lead to a permanent suspension of your account. Thanks, Twitter ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004w000023palA:ref Help | Privacy Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103