Sunday, March 6, 2022


American and European Union 's instigated uprising in Ukraine in 2014 resulted in the overthrow of pro-Russian Ukraine regime and installation of Western friendly government in Ukraine. In response Russia annexed Crimea which has a fleet of Russian Warships and military equipments based there by Russian Federation. And started a war of Liberation for Russian speaking ethnic minority peoples in Eastern Ukraine Donbass Region. Early morning hours of February 24 saw Russian Military Operations in Ukraine. This according to Kremlin was for De-Nazification and Militarization of Ukraine against Russia. In response America , UK and EU continue to slap various Sanctions against Russia under Vladimir Putin. And give humanitarian , financial and military support to Ukraine. Thousands of fleeing Ukraine residents are going through Western Ukraine borders into Poland , Romania , Hungary and other border Countries with Ukraine. Whilst men between ages of 18 and 60 are conscripted into Ukraine Army or Territorial Defence Force to resist Russian Military forces fighting inside Ukraine and attempting to remove the Western friendly government of Zelensky , leader of Ukraine. It must be obvious that America , United Kingdom , European Union and NATO's interest in Ukraine is part of Western Agenda to weaken Russian Federation and eventually destroy it as was done to dismantle Soviet Union of Russia by America and NATO allies. President Putin is determined to prevent weakening of Russia and very much interested making Russia play its role in the World as a great nation , with all the respect and dignity befitting status of Russia in the committee of nations. Cuba is separated from America by about 100 km stretch of water between Cuba and Miami of USA, Since Cuban Revolution , more than 50 years ago , which overthrew pro-American Batista regime and ushered in Socialist Revolutionary Cuba , under able Revolutionary leadership of late Comrade Fidel Castro , American attempts to weaken and destroy Cuba remain. This is due to American fears of pro-Russian Cuban Revolutionary Regime closer to America. Russian Federation cannot sit unconcerned whilst America and NATO allies scheme to use Ukraine , a former member of Soviet Union of Russia , which shares hundreds of kilometres of border with Russian Federation , to destabilise Russian Federation. Hence start of February 24 Russian Military Operations in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are brothers and sisters with shared common interest and history. They're same peoples in the ma Volodymry Zelensky has been deceived , fooled and pushed into preventable and very unnecessary conflict with Russia by America , NATO and EU. Now Zelensky , a Comidien turned Ukrainian president , is asking for No Fly Zone over Ukraine by America and European Union. He has also called for supply of Russian Jet Fighters from America and it's European allies. Because his soldiers are capable of flying the Russian made fighters. Poland has offered to give out all its Russian Fighter jets to America for Ukraine in response to Zelensky's call for such Fighter planes. To resist Russian Military Operations in Ukraine. America has responded to Polish offer as untenable. This is because creation of No Fly Zone over Ukrainian Air Space by America or any of its European allies will draw America and its allies into the Russian and Ukrainian Conflict. Which is very dangerous. And may lead to World War III. Meanwhile Russian Forces are in control of strategic infrastructure and some Cities in Ukraine. A convoy of Russian Military Vehicles stretching over 50 km is moving very close towards Kyiv , the Capital of Ukraine. Ukrainian fighters in Kyiv are preparing for battle with Russian fighters over the Soul and heart of the Capital City. Zelensky is in Kyiv boasting to defend Kyiv as Commander of Armed Forces of Ukraine. President Volodymry Zelensky in a Video Conference with British Parliament continued to beg America , UK and EU for more assistance to weaken Russian Federation's Military Operations , described by Zelensky and his Western allies as Invasion of Ukraine. He begged for further Economic and Political Sanctions against Russia by his Western supporters. America has just banned importation of Russian Oil. Britain announced it is going to wean itself from Russian Gas and Oil by the end of the year. European Union is more dependent on Russian Gas and Oil. About 40 % of EU Energy needs come from Russia. Hence EU is unwilling to suffer Gas and Oil shortages by refusing to buy from Russian Federation. Shell Oil Company , Toyota and others have pulled out from Russia. And Visa , Master Card , PayPal , Coca Cola and McDonald's have suspended their activities in Russia under pressure. President Vladimir Putin is unmoved by all the Sanctions and attempts to cripple Russia for its Military Operations in Ukraine. He is determined to prevent NATO expansion agenda closer to Russian Federation via Ukraine. America and its allies instigate conflicts and wars in order to profit from sales of military and war equipments. Billions of US Dollars go into pockets of officials associated with the Arms Manufacturing Industry in Amercia and Europe. War is a racket. It is a secret agenda to make huge dirty money from destruction of lives and property. War is immoral , evil and unacceptable. Conflicts must be resolved or prevented from deteriorating into wars. Negotiations and Compromises are necessary for settlement of conflicts or prevention of conflicts from generating into use of lethal weapons against parties involved or associated with a conflict situation.

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